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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 24, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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it could make landfall by thursday. bad news just keeping coming for colorado residents. another new wildfire burning. the entire area of manitou springs, nearly 11,000 residents have been forced to evacuate. >> very scary. >> started with manitou avenue north of. >> we need them to leave when we ask them to leave. >> he was asleep, so i pounded on his door to get him out. >> pretty scary. it's right there. >> orange. a lot of orange. >> crews have zero containment of the tire and are not expegting conditions to improve anytime soon. as we wait to hear the fate of the president's health care reform bill, millions of young people are already benefitting from it. but next week's ruling could change all of that. that's next on cnn.
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let's talk more about egypt now and the first democratic presidential election there in literally thousands of years. mohamed morsi got about 52% of the vote. he's a member of muslim
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brotherhood. in his first televised address, he paid tribute to his country men who died during last year's revolution. >> these blood will not go in vain. the initiative of egypt and the armed forces. the basic armies to armed forces. to all its those who members of the armed forces, from the bottom of my heart, i salute them. >> the egyptian army still hods a real power in egypt, so i asked our christiane amanpour if today's announcement will make a real difference. >> well, it does in fact make a huge difference. all you have to do is look over this balcony.
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i was there a lot to today. it is the first democratic, free presidential election in egypt's thousands of years of history. it is a big deal for people here. particularly as you mentioned, that the army still is in effective control and has actually executed a rather massive power grab in the last week or so. where it dissolved parliament, basically put in its own interim constitution and reserved a huge amount of power. what will the president be able to do? the constitution say when they write one and what kind of powers will the democratically elected president have in but for the moment, the people of egypt are really very, very happy. we have spoken to so many of them who say this is the first time we've been able to cast a vote that actually matters. the first time we've been able to choose our president. he did receive only about half the vote. the other half of the people voted for the old guard, hosni
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mubarak's last prime minister. so there is a division in this country and mohamed morsi is very aware of it and did pay tribute to women, christians, all sectors of society and sahe was going to be a president for all egyptians. >> what are we hearing now? are those fireworks or people shooting guns into the air in celebration? just wondering. >> no, no guns. let's be very clear about that. these are fireworks. there seems to be an endless simply of smallish fireworks, none the less, the sky gkeeps getting lit up above this very vast crowd that's been gathering since these election rumts were made official. there was a crowd before, but it's become really big since then. >> make sure you stay tuned 8:00 p.m. eastern for the special coverage of egypt's new
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president and the road ahead. at the top of the hour right here on cnn. the stakes are high on the future of the new health care reform law. we expect the supreme court's ruling within the week. and what the justices decide could move markets, affect the economy, even help decide the presidency come november. but what happens to people benefitting from it if it is struck down? athena jones has more. >> my name's christina, i'll be your server. >> reporter: christina white works two jobs to help pay the bills. neither job offers health insurance. so like more than 3 million young adults under 26, she's now covered under her mother's plan. >> i would have to have insurance. i don't think i could go without. >> reporter: one big reason, christina suffers from asthma. she pays about $20 a month for her daily medication.
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without insurance, it would cost her about 12 times that. >> a bad cold in an asthmatic can lead to an emergency room visit. an increased need for medication, so increase costs. >> i wasn't able to be on my mother's plan, i would probably have to find a job where they did offer health insurance. >> reporter: allowing young adults to stay on their parent's plans is just one of several provisions of the law already in effect. among others, insurance companies can no longer take away coverage if you become sick or impose limits on hospital stays. they also can't deny coverage to children under 19 with a preexisting condition, but that could change depending on how the supreme court rules. an issue is the key provision of the law starting in 2014 will require everyone to buy health insurance or face a fine. the court could strike down all or part of the law. >> the court might strike down
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the lmandate and leave the rest of the law in place. then it would be up to congress to decide if the rest of that works or whether congress has to make more changes in the law to adjust it and get it right. >> reporter: if the court strikes down the whole law, congress would have to step in to keep other measures in place. an election year politics would almost certainly delay action, leaving people like christina white hanging in the balance. >> jeopardy host alex trebek is recovering from a mild heart attack. he checked into a los angeles hospital yesterday and stayed for some tests. he should make a full recovery and return to the game show when it begins taping its 29th season next month. the program known as fast and furious has the white house and congress locked in battle with the attorney general in the hot seat between them. this while the parents of a slain federal agent just want some answers. we'll talk about it next. people's lives? g
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it's time to talk politics now and it was up to the mountains for mitt romney this weekend. the republican presidential nominee hung out with some of thiz deep pocketed donors, but
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it wasn't cheap. only those who had contributed $50,000 or raised a substantial amount for his campaign were invited to rub shoulders with romney. of course, that amounted to about 700 people at the weekend retreat in park city. the fast and furious controversy is headed to the floor of the house. the botched atf operation led to the death of hundreds f mexicans and a u.s. border agent in 2010. on wednesday, a house committee voted along party lines to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress and the full house will take it up this week. republicans say holder is lying, but democrats insist republicans are on a political witch hunt. i discussed the issue from both sides with anna and maria and started by asking maria why the president decided to invoke executive privilege.
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>> they have bent over backwa s over backwards. almost 8,000 pages in documents and a lot of them were including dlib rative documents. in good faith, they have turned over the documents. every single document that had anything to do with the botched operation has been turned over to congress. what they're asking for now of the documents in question have nothing to do with the actual operation. they're now in the surreal territory of investigating the investigation. >> you're saying this is a political wif hunt, which many have said. do you buy that? that all the documents have been turned over and that this is a political witch hunt? >> you know, god forbid we investigate the investigators in government. i think that we are a government of checks and balances. congress checks the executive branch. the executive branch checks congress and the judicial branch
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checks them both. i think this is what this process is. this is not the first time this happens. it is disappointing that our congress and our executive branch can't get together in a way that can clarify this once and for all. i think the timing is very bad for obama because it comes right on the heels of the white house leak and his refusal to allow a general council, so it kind of builds on this general narrative they have something to hide and the words of the murdered agent's parents are very, very powerful. >> stand by. not to cut you off, but the reason i'm stopping you here because i want to hear from them. here's what the parents said on fox news about the answers they say they aren't getting from the administration. listen. >> search their souls and also wanted to ask the people of mexico and guns that killed my son.
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>> and i think that they're bringing this up because they want to put fast and furious on the back burner until the election is over. >> those parents are very emotional and if i lost my child or if my parents lost me, they would want some answers. they'd demand some answers. >> i think we owe it to him. to his memory, to come to some sort of agreement. there's got to be some sort of agreement where maybe a few people are allowed to look at the documents. maybe not the full committee. i don't know, but i would like to think that for the sake of those parents, for the sake of transparency, come to an agreement and not be in the stalemate. and scoring political points. >> why not give this family some peace of mind or can that come from if this process --
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>> right, i think that is exactly the question. let me just say, my heart goes out to these parents and i'm sure all americans heart goes out. i used to work with the former ins with the border patrol, so i know what dedicated servants they are, so my heart goes out to them. but here is where i think is p reason why democrats believe this is a political witch hunt. if the republicans really wanted to get to the bottom of this, what has really struck me is that why don't they bring in the actual atf agents who were involved. this administration ended it when they realized how botched and backwards it was and so, let's bring in the atf acts actually involved in this. let's get to the bottom of this. >> thank you very much. now that fuel prices are heading lower and lower, summer
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to go automatically to your e-mail with all the information of everything you're putting. >> oh, my gosh. that's great. i am so unorganized, that would help. >> if you're on a budget and need to know how many mexican pesos are in a dollar, you probably would. >> this is how i like to do expenses. can you do that? >> that's actually the easier way out. >> your last one helps everyone track down from an atm. what's that last one? >> simply declare. near me. all you have to do, it uses your gps location from your smart phone or ipad. we are in downtown atlanta. what do you want to look for? >> hotels. >> hotels. loading, loading. only hotel. $190. >> very nice. thank you. all of them are free.
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first democratic election. he's a member of the muslim brotherhood, but in his first address to the nation, he called for national unity and vowed to respect the rights of women and colorado, conditions are wor worsening for firt firefighters battling a series of wildfires. the latest to erupt is the waldo fire near colorado springs. flames forced 11,000 people from their homes last night and are threatening more neighborhoods today. with temperatures hovering near 100 degrees, things are expected to get worst. we haven't heard the the last of the bernie madoff scandal. one of his associates has agreed to pay $110 million to settle a lawsuit. it accuses him of secretly steering clients to madoff. the money will go to investors who were duped by madoff. next stop, jeopardy host alex trebek recovering from a mild heart attack. he checked into a los angeles
7:30 pm
hospital yesterday and stayed there until today for some tests. he should make a full recovery and return to the show when it begins taping its 29th season next month. jeopardy just won a best game show emmy last night. tropical storm debby appears headed toward panama city, florida. it's packing torrential rains and spinning off tornados which killed a woman in florida today. what's going on? >> let me show you the storm. tropical storm debby, the fourth of the season. actually the earliest fourth named storm we've had. so it is historic already. here's a look at the broad perspective. it's asymmetrical, very broad circulation. a lot of people being impacted. it's moving very slowly, so it won't be a quick hitter with rain. barely moving at 3 miles per hour, so a lot of flooding rain. 10, 15, inches, not out of the
7:31 pm
question. western florida has been getting soaked. continues to get soaked, but the future of this is really what's so uncertain about it. this is what we call the the spaghetti models. each of these lines is a different computer model projection of where the track will be. the balance of it now, the balance of them taking them to the northwest florida, so it looks as though that's where it may end up, but national hurricane center official track now earlier in the day, a beeline towards southeastern louisiana. not so in the latest advisory. next one coming out in 30 minutes, but now, it's taking it north. not becoming a hurricane. staying a strong storm, expected to make landfall on wednesday. we're seeing and we'll continue to see for the next few days
7:32 pm
because it's so slow. tropical threat, this blue here, tropical storm warnings. watches here on the west coast. again, it's really the flooding rain and amount of rain we'll see. also, isolated tornados. don talked about a tornado, already a fatality in florida with that and that was inland. dangerous rip currents. coastal flooding and the potential for 10 to 15 inches of rain. apalachicola to apalachicola bay in terms of the heaviest rain. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it. >> thank you. my next guest says some people are born pedophiles. not their fault, but to be a child molester, that's a whole different story. we're going to talk to him, next. that day, he bought life insurance. now there's no way i could send our boy to college without it. if there was one thing i could say to hank, it'd be "thank you."
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this next story has a lot of people talking, so pay attention to this. no doubt what was revealed during the jerry sandusky case was horrifying, but should pedophiles be extended some measure of sympathy? are we doing enough to help them before they victimize our children? dr. james canter wrote that commentary, a psychologist in toronto and he joins us now. thank you for joining us. i want to ask you something and i know people are going to send me a lot of hate mail for this. i've never been one to take glee in anyone's demise and when i saw jerry sandusky walk out in handcuffs, i did feel a bit sorry for him even though the jury found him to do some horrific things, i was like his
7:39 pm
life is over. all these young boys, it was interpreter for them as well. there are no winners. in your piece, you say someone has no choice to be a pedophile, but someone can choose not to be a child molester. so explain that to us. >> we have to understand very specifically that pedophilia is separate from child molestation. it refers to the genuine sexual interest for some reason and we haven't worked out the details yet. there are some born with a genuine sexual interest in children. they didn't ask for that. nobody asks for that. that just seems to be the case. that's very different from child molestation, which is a choice. they can't control what they're attracted to, but they can control what they do with those attractions. >> so, someone was born that way to and they can't help themselves, but that's not to make excuses, either. >> exactly. they're not responsible for what they're attracted to. they appear to be born with it.
7:40 pm
they go through a series of brain studies, both in a whid research group and others that they're born with slightly different brain anatomy and the differences are not the kind that emerge over a lifetime. they seem to be the kind of differences where whatever the chain of events it is, that chain began before birth. it really had -- any choice they made. what they do with those interests is still completely under their control. now, the cases that we see are of course the cases who have been unable to resist their sexual interests and those are the cases that hit the news and can have a string of victims over many years, but there also exist, dan savage once called them the gold star pedophiles. they know they're attracted to children and struggle every day trying not to express those feelings and not to hurt anybody. those are the people that we really need to help. >> yeah.
7:41 pm
does someone like sandusky deserve sympathy and in your experience, people who prey on children, are they misunderstood? >> the people who actually engage in those behaviors, they need to be dealt with on the basis of what it is they did. there's nothing in any research that some are not responsible for their behavior. but the day before somebody becomes a child molester, they weren't. it was in that day where they felt they had nowhere else to turn, nobody to unburden themselves. when they felt the most desperate, that's when they needed to go to a psychologist, but if they dpo to a psychologist, that psychologist has to report them. so rather than having a society where people can get the help they need, we have forced these people to be out on their on, unsupported and then we damn
7:42 pm
them when there were in supports available. i think society would be better off if these people had an alternative, if they had someone or some way to turn to some group, some help line in order to prevent them from going to just a pedophile to an actual child molester. >> it's very interesting stuff. how can you defend him? many will say how can you feel sorry for somebody who rapes a child. >> sure, that's holding somebody responsible for their behavior, which is appropriate. but before they engage that behavior, they're not responsible for their sexual interests. if we were able to identify these people early on and help provide them with the tools to help them control their own behaviors and interests, then we could prevent them from becoming
7:43 pm
a child molester. so much of society is built into revenge, but we could probably do a lot more people a lot of good if we got in earlier and helped them deal with their interests before they acted on them. >> thank you, dr. cantor. interesting stuff. we appreciate it. a florida millionaire is in his third term in congress, but his former business parter is accusing him of crimes that if true, could put the lawmaker behind bars. that is next. emily's just starting out... and on a budget.
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members of a north carolina church are calling it a gift from god. grand view baptist church owed $345,000 and were facing foreclosure, but as they were moving the last items out of the church, a man walked in with some very good news. he offered to pay the balance to the banks. >> you really shouldn't be surprised, but it's a bone fied miracle of epic proportions.
7:47 pm
>> well, the man didn't want to be identified, but he made his mark this this community. a florida congressman and gop fund-raiser faces no fewer than four congressional and federal investigations. the target of the probe is three-term representative vern buchanan. in this cnn exclusive, we learn his campaign and business finances are under skucrutiny. >> he is a former business partner of vern buchanan. the partnership started here. eventual eventually, the two would own four deeper ships together. >> what kind of guy was he? >> you know, mr. buchanan, i respected him. i believed him. >> he admits he was nieve. he says he soon found out the man he believed in was interested in just two things. money and power. can you make a judgment call?
7:48 pm
do you think this guy should be in congress? >> you know, let's put it this way. mr. buchanan is a very selfish person. and in my opinion, hopes to go to congress to do good for other people they represent. >> he presented to cnn the same information, documents and testimony he's now given to federal investigators. the two men had a falling out over finances. they've been suing each other for years. for his part, buchanan says kazran is a disgruntled partner and has lied about what happened. at the center of his allegations is a cash swap scheme, cash drawn from buchanan's car dealerships. >> it was to a point i said, gee, we can't give you this kind of money. that's when he said to run it
7:49 pm
through the corporation. >> what did that mean to you? run it through the corporation? >> what he said to me, he said get people to write a check to the campaign and pay them back through the corporation. that's what i did. >> that's what he said? >> correct. yeah. he said run it through the corporation, absolutely, yes. >> kazran did and was soon calling in managers, salesmen, assistants people who never gave money to campaigns were suddenly writing big checks to buchanan for congress and according to kazran getting money from the dealership. >> he said i needed more money. >> reporter: it ended up as $74,000 at kazran's dealerships alone. i remember a partner jokingly saying boss, you have all the money in the world, why do you want us to pay you the money? he says it doesn't look good if it comes from me. >> reporter: kazran took his allegations to the federal elections commission which was already looking into his campaign finances.
7:50 pm
investigators there now wanted to know not only about how the cash-swap scheme worked but if the congressman knew about it. >> this was absolutely his idea? >> correct. yeah. >> reporter: the fcc's initial report found reason to believe congressman buchanan knowingly and wilfully violated the election laws. but then in a later report, they pulled back, saying it found credibility problems with both kazran and buchanan and not enough corroborating evidence to back up kazran's testimony. the fec eventually dropped the investigation into buchanan, but fined kazran $5,000. why? because he admitted reimbursing employees for campaign contributions. while the congressman has said that proves he's innocent, the findings at the fec were more convoluted stating it came close to supporting a finding, that it is more likely than not that
7:51 pm
buchanan violated the law. that's where this gets much more serious for the congressman. during the fec probe, congressman buchanan pushed to settle a lawsuit kazran had brought against him. at the last minute, with a $2.9 million settlement offer from buchanan dangling in front of him, kazran said he was given this. >> they wanted me to sign this affidavit. >> reporter: according to d dazran, buchanan and his attorneys were asking him to sign a statement that was a lie, that buchanan knew nothing about the campaign cash swap. that this thing did happen but mr. buchanan had nothing do with this. >> reporter: kazran refused to sign and took the affidavit to federal investigator. now, cnn has learned congressman buchanan is being investigated for attempting to tamper with a federal witness in an investigation. after repeated requests for an
7:52 pm
interview with the congressman were ignored we decided to find vern buchanan as he emerged from a hearing. i want to ask you about this deal with sam dazran. did you make him sign this affidavit or try to get him to sign this affidavit with this cash scheme? >> i hano, i didn't. i have to get to another meeting. >> we tried calling your office but they said you were unavailable. >> you didn't hold it over his head in a $3 million settlement. >> reporter: in a report released weeks ago, it was written there is substantial reason to believe representative buchanan attempted to influence the testimony of a witness in a proceedings before the fec in violation of the law and house ethics code. now the house is looking into it and cnn and the irs and fbr are
7:53 pm
conducting their investigations. >> are you concerned about the fbi and irs conducting their own fec complaints? his office did respond to our interview requests with a statement saying the charges are politically motivated, the congressman did nothing wrong and we are confident the justice department and house ethics committee will reach the same conclusion. >> investigative reporter drew griffin there. tropical storm debby is drenching the gulfcoast. the latest on the storm coming up next. sweet! [ male announcer ] the solid thunk of the door on the jetta. thanks, mister! [ meow ] [ male announcer ] another example of volkswagen quality. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 jetta for $159 a month.
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the latest track has tropical storm debby headed towards panama, florida. some areas could get 15 inches of rain. a tornado triggered by the storm has killed a woman in florida. it could make landfall by thursday. a celebration, not a protest in tahrir square. mohamed morsi has been declared the first ever democratic elections. he is a strict muslim and bound to honor all international agreements. make sure to watch at the top of the hour for reports on this historical election. sparks of another new wildfire quickly burning 2500 acres in the mountains of colorado springs. the entire town of manna ttu
7:57 pm
springs, 4,000 residents nearly forced to evacuate. >> it has been such an exhausting couple days for folks living in colorado springs, about an hour south of denver. you can see what's happened to their mountain backdrop. all sorts of smoke up there. about 11,000 people have been evacuated in and around the colorado springs area. that fire continues to burn out of control at this hour. zero percent containment. what we're hearing from fire crews today, they don't plan on getting any hope for containment, however, they're using point protection. simply, what that means, they're trying to protect any infrastructure. there's a cell phone tower on top of the mountain. doing drops with helicopters, dropping 400 gallons of water and air tankers retarding to try to slow down this fire. what they say, it will have to be the boots on the ground to put this fire out. unfortunately, as you can imagine, this terrain incredibly
7:58 pm
tough for firefighters to fight this fire, to do any type of investigation how this fire may have started, they say it may take two or three days to get in there to see what was going on. for example really on edge right now. as you said, we may be on the edge of even more evacuations. >> patrick nelson from cnn affiliate kktv. thank you for that. i'm don lemon at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. thank you for watching. we will see you again at 10:00 p.m. eastern. meantime, we will have a special report on the first democratic presidential election ever to be held in egypt, comi up with my colleagues from cnn international christiane amanpour and anchored by holly gir ranny. i'm don lemon at the cnn headquarters in atlanta. see you back here at 10:00 p.m. ea eastern. ppúú
7:59 pm
>> reporter: it was the moment that changed egypt. but just how much of a change is now in the hands of the military, as the muslim brotherhood consist, mohamed morsi is named president-elect. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. thanks for joining us for our special coverage of egypt, an historic vote. i'm hala gorani at the cnn center. as a member of the once banned muslim brotherhood, mohamed morsi was arrested during the regime of the ousted president mossny huh b nny mubarak. he even spent time in jail. now, he's becoming the country's heaved state. here's how an hi


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